Get a Head Start on the Chaotic Holiday Season: Planning Holiday Cards

The holiday season is sneaking around the corner, and almost before you can create your “To Do” list, the time to mail your greeting cards will arrive. If you are like other folks, the greeting cards you send during the holidays are the only time your busy schedule allows you to connect with some people, although you may think of them often. Therefore, your cards should reflect your family and lifestyle during this past year.

Don’t delay this task! If you do, you may be left with no other option than having to select from the remaining few boxes of holiday cards after they've been picked over. Take the time this year to create unique and personal holiday cards that reflect your personality and spread joy to all your friends and loved ones.

Perfect Timing for Photographs

Now is the perfect season to take that great family photo for your holiday card! The leaves are changing to bright red, orange and yellow providing the perfect backdrop. So when you’re out getting pumpkins or apple picking, take a moment to snap a picture of the family out together.

It’s also a great time to go through all of the photographs of you and your family that were taken while on vacation, celebrating a special occasion, or enjoying a silly moment together.  If you can’t find the right picture to showcase your family’s special bond, schedule a photography session to capture a sweet photo of all the people (and animals) that you want to include in your greeting card portrait. Ask the photographer to freeze a poignant moment in front of a roaring fireplace or an outdoor bonfire. Get dressed in complementary clothing colors and take a picture on the beach, while walking together through a park, or in front of an elegant backdrop at a photography studio.

Provide us with a photo and specific ideas of what you envision as the picture-perfect holiday card and we will do the rest!

Customize Your Holiday Cards

At Fine Lines, we have the tools to create cards that are as unique as you are! Simply choose the cards, select your personal touches and, within a few days, your customized cards will be ready. Our inventory includes religious, traditional, whimsical and fancy cards that will meet all of your needs. You can also purchase other holiday gift items, such as hostess gifts, wrapping paper and ribbon, gift tags and stocking stuffers. Visit Fine Lines to purchase everything necessary to add festive touches to all your stationery needs.