The Lost Art of Letter Writing

In a time when communication is done through emails, text messages and even emojis, the art of letter writing has become a thing of the past. Although we have become consumed by our fast-paced, digital age there truly is nothing like a lovely, handwritten letter.  With April being National Card and Letter Writing Month, let’s take a minute to appreciate the lost art of letter writing. Here are five reasons we should all continue to write letters and handwritten cards:

1.     Handwritten Letters Are Personal

Laura Marks, founder and owner of Fine Lines of Katonah, has always said, "Letters written on fine paper bespeak a personal statement and a gracious elegance that an e-mail cannot possibly reproduce." And it couldn’t be more true! Opening a letter and recognizing a person’s handwriting is so much better than recognizing an email address in your inbox.

2.     Letters Show Your Sincerity

There is something to be said about taking the time to write a handwritten note.  No matter how short or long it may be, it rings true with sincerity.  It shows you took the time out of your day to think of someone else. It would be easy to send a quick text or email.  Writing a letter or note shows your appreciation.

3.     Preserve the English Language

Nowadays we rely on short, emotionless abbreviations and emojis to communicate. Whereas in the past, people would write heartfelt, lengthy letters to express how they felt. Take Beethoven’s beautifully written love letter, for example. He wrote, “Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, Be calm — love me — today — yesterday — what tearful longings for you — you — you — my life — my all — farewell. Oh continue to love me — never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved. Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.” Today, this would be texted as, “I <3 you” or “ILY.” How can you even compare the two? The English language can be so beautiful so let’s start putting it to good use!

4.     Receiving A Letter Is Like A Gift

In the midst of all the bills and junk mail we receive, it’s nice to get a letter from a family member or friend once in awhile. A handwritten note will brighten anyone’s day and bring a smile to their face. It’s always nice to be thought of by someone you care about!

5.     Letters Stand The Test of Time

Since letters are special they are worth saving. It’s always fun to look back at old love letters or notes you sent back and forth with friends. Reading letters from the past allows you to relive old times. It’s a trip down memory lane!

Feel inspired to whip out some pen and paper to write a loved one, friend, or colleague a letter? First, go out and purchase some beautiful stationery to match your lovely, thoughtful letter. Visit Fine Lines of Katonah and we can lead you to your perfect stationery.